The Australian residential rental market is one of the most competitive in the world. Almost one third of Australians are currently renting meaning, perspective tenants need to keep up to date with all the tips and tricks to maximise their chances of securing the perfect property. If you visit the Australian migration and expat forums, you will read that it can be difficult to secure a rental property when you first arrive. Property managers are often reluctant to check references of newly arrived migrants given the time difference between Australia and the rest of the world and this has been an issue for many migrants - UNTIL NOW...

We are delighted to announce the Australian Accommodation Passport where you can have your Australian Real Estate Approved rental reference checks completed by us prior to your arrival in Australia or when you arrive. This will make it easier for you and the lettings manager and will speed up the process of securing a rental property. CLICK HERE to find out more more

There are three main websites in Australia which are used to advertise available rental properties;

Once you have identified a property or properties you are interested in viewing there are a number of steps to follow to ensure a positive outcome;

Pre-Inspection As with most things in life being prepared is the key to success. Before you attend any rental inspections it is vital that you have the following important documents ready for when the time comes to hand in your application. The following is a list of the documents that you should have prepared prior to an inspection.

Important Documentation

  • Cover Letter - This is your time to shine. Make sure you tell the property manager or landlord who you are, your background, why you love the property and why you should be the successful applicant. If you have a pet then maybe even consider including a photo of them to show that they will be no trouble.
  • Reference Letters - Prospective landlords and property managers want to know a little about you. Any reference letters you can obtain from a previous property manager, landlord and employer will provide key information about yourself as well as provide details of your employment and rental history.
  • Pay Slips - Income verification is key to a successful rental application. Property managers and landlords want to know that you can afford to rent the property. Pay slips, employment contracts, bank statements and or tax returns are a great way to show your income.
  • Pet References - If you have an additional family member that also needs accommodating then it’s important to provide a reference stating that your pooch, feline or similar is clean and will not cause a disturbance to the property.
  • Photo Identification >- A passport or drivers licence is vital in proving you are who you say you are.
  • Rental Statement - A rental statement from a previous property manager or landlord will prove that you made rent payments on time and as required. This is a very important document and will go a long way to strengthening your application.

Scheduling an Inspection You’ve been searching online and have found the perfect property for you. The first step is to contact the agent/landlord listed on the advert and arrange an inspection. They will often list scheduled inspections online but may also offer a private viewing if you are unable to make the general one.

Make sure that you have all of the above documents ready to go. You can even contact the agents beforehand and ask for an application form. Completing this prior to the inspection will mean you are ready to submit your application on the spot if the property is right for you.

Attending the Inspection The old saying goes you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. The inspection is the time you get to meet the property manager or landlord who will ultimately make the decision if you are successful or not. Therefore it is very important to make a good first impression. Dress neatly, be polite and introduce yourself formally. You want to be remembered above all other applicants.

While viewing the property, make sure you carefully assess if the property is right for you. Changing your mind after submitting an application will put a black mark against your name with that particular agent. Imagine your belongings in the property and even take a tape measure if necessary.

If the property is right for you then have your completed application form and supporting documents ready to hand to the property manager or landlord. This will show you are organised and serious about living there.

Post Inspection A few days after the inspection is a good time to follow up with the agent. Generally they will contact you within a day or two of submitting your application but if there is great interest in the property it may take a little longer. If you successful then it is very important you are prepared and ready to pay the first month’s rent and bond immediately. The bond is usually equal to one month’s rent and returned at the end of your lease period. Lease periods will vary from property to property but will generally be for 12 months. If you are willing to commit to a longer lease period from the outset then this may also strengthen your application.


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